If you are putting the wheels into wheel pants, the Lectra-Lite wheels are a perfect choice!
Lectra-Lite wheels are approximately 2/3 the thickness of the regular Lite-Flite wheels.

Description Part # Price  
1-1/2" Treaded DB5715 $4.50 Add To Cart
1-3/4"Treaded DB5717 $5.25 Add To Cart
2" Treaded DB5720 $5.50 Add To Cart
2-1/4" Treaded DB5722 $5.75 Add To Cart
2-1/2" Treaded DB5725 $6.25 Add To Cart
2-3/4" Treaded DB5727 $6.75 Add To Cart
3" Treaded DB5730 $7.25 Add To Cart
Lectra-Lite Wheels
Description Part # Price  
1-3/4" Narrow Treaded DB5817 $5.25 Add To Cart
2" Narrow Treaded DB5820 $5.50 Add To Cart
2-1/4" Narrow Treaded DB5822 $5.75 Add To Cart
Description Part # Price  
3/4" Plastic Tailwheel SH451 $1.75 Add To Cart
3/4" Aluminum Hub Rubber Tread DU75TW $2.40 Add To Cart
1" Aluminum Hub Rubber Tread DU100TW $2.81 Add To Cart
1-1/4" Aluminum Hub Rubber Tread DU125TW $3.20 Add To Cart

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