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Name Description # of Pages Part # Price  
Mark 1 Beginner Trainer for .35 by Eric Rule 1 M1PLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Miss Ashlee 1/2A Profile for Cox Baby Bee 1 MAPLN $10.00 Add To Cart
Miss Sarah "Cosmic Wind" Profile for .35 1 MSPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
OTS Ringmaster Ringmaster by M. Kania 1 RGPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
P40 Warhawk Precision Profile for .35 by Eric Rule 1 P40PLN $15.00 Add To Cart
P51-15 Profile Stunter for .15 by Ron Burn 1 P15PLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Name Description # of Pages Part # Price  
Blue Bird Charlie Mackey's First Published Design 1 BBDPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Chipmunk By Joe Dill 1 CHIPPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Continental by Tom Warden 1 CONTPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Cougar Stunter By Kenhi 1 COUGPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Crusader Twin Boom for .35 by Charles Mackey 1 CRPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Electra Nats Winner by Dick Williams for .35 1 ELPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Feno 1959 design by Ted Goyet for .25 1 FNPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Fierce Arrow "Wild Bill" Netzeband's Delta Wing 1 FAPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Fury by Lou Wolgast 1 FURYPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Gladiator By Dennis Shauer 1 GLADPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Grey Ghost Larry Scarinzi's Classic Stunter 1 GHSTPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Hawker Hunter 1969 Classic by Bob Whitely 1 HAWPLN $20.00 Add To Cart
Humbug Classic Stunter by "Wild Bill" 1 HUMPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Lark Classic Legal for .35 by Charles Mackey 1 LKPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
ME 109 by Charles A. Mackey 1 ME109PLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Miss Sarah "Cosmic Wind" Profile for .35 1 MSPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Neptune II Classic "I-Beam" by Jim Eberjer 1 NEPPLAN $15.00 Add To Cart
Nobler 1957 “Green Box” Nobler Classic Legal 1 NOPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Pinto 1/2A Precision by Dee Rice 1 PIPLN $10.00 Add To Cart
Ruffy Lew MacFarland’sNats Winner for .35 1 RUPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Shark 35 Classic Legal by Lew MacFarland 1 SHAR35PLAN $15.00 Add To Cart
Shark 45 Nats Winner by Lew MacFarland for .46 or .60 1 SKPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Skylark Ed Southwick’s Classic Winner for .35 or .46 1 SYPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Space Hound By Juri Sirotkin 1 HNDPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Super Ringmaster Super Ringmaster 1 SRNGPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
TA-152 TA-152 by Keith Trostle 1 TA152PLN $20.00 Add To Cart
T Bird II Bob Palmer’s 1959 Nats Winner for .35 1 TBPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Tempest Nats Winner by Bart Klapinski for .35 1 TMPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Tony 1963 British Nats Winner by Frank Warburton 1 TYPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Tucker Special Nats Winner by Bob Tucker for .35 1 TKPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Name Description # of Pages Part # Price  
Adams' Special 1950 Stunter by Frank Adams 1 ADPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Belfrey Bound Dale Kirn’s "Bat like" Stunter 1 BBPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Big Job By Addie Naccarato 1 BJOBPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Dragon J.C. "Madman" Yates design 1 DGPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Humongeous 1949 design by Ted Snow 1 HUPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Jamison Nats Winner by Bud Jamison 1 JMPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Madman J.C. "Madman" Yates design 1 MADPLAN $15.00 Add To Cart
OTS Ringmaster Mat Kania's Profile 1 RGPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Stuka Don Still’s design 1 STPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Stunt King by Bill Winter 1 SKINGPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Venus Venus by Jim Ebejar 1 VNPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Name Description # of Pages Part # Price  
Buccaneer Mk II by Allan Brickhaus 1 BUCPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Derringer 46 Nats Winner by Bob Whitely for .46 1 DRPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Hunter Stunter 1/2A Precision Stunter by Eric Rule 1 HTPLN $10.00 Add To Cart
Hurricane Semi Scale for .35 by Jack Sheeks 1 HKPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
L.A. Heat Twin Engine by Bob Whitely 1 LAPLN $20.00 Add To Cart
L.A. Warmth Twin .15 Stunter Inspired by Bob Whitely's L.A. Heat 1 WARMPLN $20.00 Add To Cart
Miss Kell by Bob Whitely 1 KELLPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Mosquito Twin Engine by Jack Sheeks 1 MOSSIEPLAN $20.00 Add To Cart
Oriental Plus by Dee Rice for .40 Tuned Pipe 1 OPPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
P40K Precision Stunter for .40 by Pat Johnston 1 P4KPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
P51D Precision Stunter for .46 by Eric Rule 1 P51PLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Pentastar 46 Lou Wolgast's 46 sized Pentastar 1 PENPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Pentastar 61 Lou Wolgast's 61 sized Pentastar 1 PENPLN60 $15.00 Add To Cart
Shoestring 2000 Bob Whitely’s 2000 Nats Model .50 tuned pipe 1 SHPLN $20.00 Add To Cart
Starduster Starduster by Ed Capitanelli 1 STARPLN $15.00 Add To Cart
Thunder Gazer David Fitzgerald's World Champion 1 TGPLAN $20.00 Add To Cart
All laser cut part outlines 1 TGPARTS $20.00 Add To Cart
Assembly drawings including pictures of take apart assemblies 1 TGDWG $20.00 Add To Cart
Set of all three drawings 1 TGSET $45.00 Add To Cart
Trivial Pursuit Ted Fancher’s Special Edition .60 tuned pipe 1 TPPLN $20.00 Add To Cart

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