RSM Propellers

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RSM Propeller Test Data

CNC machined on a 3 axis router to insure that both blades are identical
High quality finish applied to resist fuel deterioration
Smooth prop face combined with thin blade reduces load on engine
Efficient airfoil shape
20 thousands of an inch undercamber to increase thrust

Pitch of Props

Using a Prather Pitch Gauge we measured Stations 7 & 10 (which is the area that the propeller uses to create thrust) to determine the actual pitch.

  10" Prop 11" Prop
Station 7 5.5 5.9
Station 10 5.2 4.8

Static Testing

We compared the RSM 10" prop against the Rev-Up 10-6 EW and the George Aldrich Custom Special 10-6. Engine used was a Hunter .19 diesel. This engine was chosen to determine how much the test props would load down the engine. Optimum engine performance was obtained for each prop tested.

Prop Tested RPM Achieved Static Thrust
Rev-Up 10-6 EW 7400 28 oz
Aldrich 10-6 Custom 7400 28 oz
RSM 10-6 8600 36 oz

This test showed that the RSM prop had 20% more static thrust while not loading down the engine.


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