Shoestring Stunter

Modern Stunter for .46-.60 by Bob Whitely

  • Wing Span: 58"
  • Area: 660 sq. in.
  • Full-Size Plans
  • Laser Cut Ribs and Fuselage Formers
  • Fully Adjustable Lead Outs
  • Arrowshaft Pushrod
  • Large Nylon Bellcrank
  • Deluxe Hardware Package

RSM Price $199.95
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What is needed to complete the kit?

For the scratch builder, Rib Sets, Canopies, and Plans are available in the Building Supplies section

Description Size Recommended Part #   
Spinner 2 1/4" VOR225 Add To Cart
Engine .60 RO-JETT 60 TUNED PIPE  
Propellor 13"    
Fuel Tank 7 oz. GRW700WU Add To Cart
Main Wheels 2 1/4" DB5722 Add To Cart
Tail Wheel 1" DU100TW Add To Cart
Hinges   Builder's Choice  
Fuel Line Medium FLM2 Add To Cart
Fuel Filter   SU187 Add To Cart
CA Glue   HFCAG2 Add To Cart
Epoxy   15 or 30 minute Recommended  
Paint   Builder's Choice  

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