RSM Combo Deals with Engine and Plane Kit
All Kits 100% Laser Cut

Electric P51-15D
Package includes kit + motor, speed controller, Timer/sequencer, battery & prop.
All programming is complete.
Price: $179.95
Part # P51-15EC
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OTS Ringmaster Take Apart
OTS Ringmaser Take Apart with Electric Power Package.
KIT with Complete RSM Electric Package
Power package which includes prop, motor, speed controller, KR Governor & Battery is fully bench tested and comes ready to install.
Price: $249.99
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P40 Profile Precision Aerobatic Stunter.
An enlarged, Electric powered version of the popular glow powered P40 profile.
P40 Profile Electric Kit plus RSM's 46 ECL System. Comes complete with propellor, electric motor, ESC, KR governor, Battery.
Power package is complete, fully programmed, bench tested and ready to fly.
The kit plus power system normally sells for $364.98 so the Package will save you $31.00.
Price: $333.98
Part # P40E PKG
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