PAMPA, Precision Aerobatic Pilots' Association, is a "not-for-profit" hobby association. It is an AMA approved Special Interest Group which was founded July 1973. Objectives of PAMPA include providing a means of communications among control line stunt flyers, voting on issues affecting control line stunt, administration of the Control Line Precision Aerobatics Event at the US Nationals and the conduct of the FAI Team Selection Trials.

"Stunt News" is the official newsletter of the Precision Aerobatic Pilots' Association. The magazine is published bi-monthly. Membership dues can be found on the PAMPA website, at and include a subscription to Stunt News.

Further information on PAMPA can be obtained from the web site or from Michael Strand, Secretary/Treasurer, E-Mail to

Take a look at the PAMPA Patterns
PAMPA Old Time Pattern
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PAMPA Beginner Pattern
html - pdf

PAMPA Precision Aerobatic Pattern
html - pdf

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